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Government Relations & Public Policy
Public Relations
Community Affairs & CSR
Diversity Inclusion
Education Consulting

We provide government affairs, public policy advice and advocacy, public relations, community affairs, corporate social responsibility planning, education consulting, diversity and inclusion training, and other consulting services to our clients.


Our team has experience with a wide range of public-policy issues, including healthcare, banking and financial regulation, energy and natural resources, education, technology, consumer products and services, food safety and agriculture, transportation, defense and national security, government contracting and procurement, the regulatory rule-making process, sports and entertainment, diversity and inclusion, civil rights, and law and corporate compliance.


For many of our client engagements, our services overlap, serving our clients seamlessly with various types of external relations support. For example, we might employ public relations strategies to indirectly support our government relations work or event development work with communities to support a public relations campaign.

We build bipartisan relationships and advocate for clients within the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the White House, federal executive agencies, state agencies and legislatures, and local governments.


We have the experience and networks to mobilize the many forces in Washington, DC, and in state capitals around the country, to achieve our clients’ objectives. We are well-positioned to provide political, legislative, and regulatory guidance on important policy issues to our clients. We specialize in translating complex public policy initiatives, and we work to craft strategies with bipartisan appeal that reach targeted audiences and achieve a legislative agenda in line with our clients’ interests.


Our Services Include:

Advocacy and Lobbying in the Congressional Legislative and Regulatory Rule-Making Processes

Advocacy and Lobbying in State and Local Governments

Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring and Analysis

Tri-Caucus Engagement

Federal Budget and Appropriations Advocacy

Government Reform and Oversight Tracking

Third Party Engagement and Issue Campaign Development

Congressional Fly-In Coordination

Public Policy Analysis and Advice

Government Grant and Funding Guidance

At Phase 2, we deploy multifaceted public relations strategies to educate targeted audiences about the services provided by our clients, the role our clients play in their communities, and the relationships that they have and that we have helped them build. By crafting simple messages about complex issues, we are able to lead effective corporate communication campaigns. Whether it’s through crafting op-eds, drafting press releases, speech writing, conference panel development, preparing talking points and briefing materials for client executives, promoting news stories, or building a social media campaign, our team is uniquely positioned to develop our clients’ messages and put them in front of the right audiences.


In many of our public relations campaigns, our goal is to impact the public policy process and ensure that our clients’ views are represented. We employ prophylactic strategies to position our clients for long-term success by building deep and wide external relationships. In times of crisis, we have successfully launched and managed “war rooms,” executed national issue campaigns, managed government and public relations campaigns, and activated our network of relationships for our clients. We help solve our clients’ public relations problems when crises arise, and we work with affected third parties to repair relationships before many problems ever become public.


We often create strategic events, alliances, and initiatives that are tied to our clients’ priorities to promote our clients’ efforts and to engage opponents in constructive dialogue. In creating signature events behind the scenes for our clients or attending partner events on their behalf, we help our clients to engage communities, educate stakeholders, build relationships, highlight policy issues, showcase products and services, provide charitable contributions, promote brands, present awards, and reach goals of attracting national media attention and recognition. We have helped to facilitate large events like 10,000+ person rallies on the National Mall and small events like policy roundtable discussions. Through strategic event partnerships, we help our clients leverage the intellectual capacity of national policy leaders, think tanks, and other advocacy groups that advance their messages and support their goals.


Our firm specializes in enlisting third parties to create echo chambers for our client’s public policy priorities, strategic initiatives, and other concerns. We identify and recruit powerful surrogates for our clients that share our clients’ perspectives, and we create powerful alliances that make a difference in the public policy arena and in the marketplace. At the core of our grassroots success is our ability to mobilize our national network of leaders at all levels of government, opinion and thought leaders, journalists, union leaders, trade and industry groups, nonprofit activists, and business executives.


Our Services Include:

Alliance and Coalition Building

Managing Campaigns

Grassroots and Grasstops Engagement

Corporate Communications

Crisis Communications and Crisis Management

Strategic Messaging

Cultivating Relationships and Surrogate Engagement

Event Development

We help our clients develop partnerships in communities of color, connect with local leaders, engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planning, create and execute strategic events and initiatives that tie corporate giving to core business concerns, improve their diversity and inclusion efforts, and manage relationships with civil rights organizations.


We have earned national recognition for counseling our clients on a full range of community affairs, diversity and inclusion matters, and corporate social responsibility planning. Our team has helped Fortune 50 corporations, industry associations, nonprofits, and clients of all shapes and sizes to convey their commitment to corporate social responsibility, to inculcate the values of inclusion and equity into their corporate cultures, and to develop comprehensive community affairs initiatives.

Clients seeking diversity management and corporate social responsibility forecasting services engage us because of our longstanding relationships with ethnic and social advocacy groups and because of the multidisciplinary approach we take to meet our clients’ needs. Through our ongoing participation and leadership positions in third party service and advocacy organizations, we provide our clients with additional access to opinion leaders and national figures. These relationships are vital as we work to develop strategies and policy recommendations to meet our clients’ specialized needs.


Our Services Include:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Planning

Diversity Advisory Council Coordination

Charitable Giving and Event Management

Civil Rights Community Engagement

Community Empowerment Projects

Phase 2 is unparalleled in its diversity and inclusion expertise, and it offers robust and interactive training programs specially tailored to meet each client’s needs and circumstances, with a particular focus on unconscious and implicit bias training. Its diverse team of personnel and partners have hailed from three continents, from rural communities to urban centers in the United States, from the Republican and the Democratic Parties, and from public schools to the Ivy League. Through working for civil rights organizations, in corporate America, at federal agencies, and on behalf of schools, Phase 2's team has gained extensive experience building meaningful relationships in the civil rights community and grassroots organizations for clients; preparing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and diversity plans and programs to implement and evaluate those plans throughout each client’s organization; and advising clients on diversity and bias in recruitment, retention, supply chain and procurement decisions, employee evaluations, terminations and promotions, marketing and market segmentation, and legal compliance.


Phase 2's diversity, equity, and inclusion training programs can help client personnel at all levels to recognize how their own backgrounds and experiences influence their assumptions and behavior; to understand that every individual can make unique and positive contributions to the client and its customers; to avoid imposing values on others; to work collaboratively and cooperatively with others; to dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases; to tailor internal training materials and techniques to be representative of the various cultural groups in society; to intervene in an appropriate manner when they observe others acting in ways that show cultural insensitivity or bias; and to create coaching cultures of open communication and trust. While the training programs that Phase 2 and its partners offer to clients are all uniquely tailored and employ variations in the training methodologies selected, they incorporate case studies, best practices sharing, practical exercises, role playing, and one-on-one instruction.


Phase 2 strives to help its clients gain international recognition for their work valuing diversity, acknowledging and incorporating various cultural ideas, encouraging contributions from all individuals and groups, empowering people to achieve their full potential, and celebrating differences.


As the global economy becomes more diverse, Phase 2 helps its clients benefit financially from understanding, valuing, and incorporating differences in gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, abilities, sexual orientation, culture, and religion.


Our Services Include:

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Training and Workshops

Implicit Bias or Unconscious Bias Training and Workshops

Evaluation Services

Targeted Trainings for HR, Procurement, Managers, Executives, Customer Service

Professionals, and Sales Teams

Training material preparation

Corporate Coaching

Phase 2 Consulting has expansive relationships in the education community across the country and decades of experience in education policy that benefit the firm’s clients. Over the years, its education practice group, led by Ray Anderson, Jr., has had deep relationships within the White House; the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies; the U.S. House of Representatives Education Committee; the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions; state departments of education; local superintendents’ offices and school boards; national education policy groups; national education organizations and associations; and teachers’ unions.


Phase 2 helps its clients change education policies at the federal and state levels, by working with legislators and regulators. It works with clients to monitor public policy developments, identify funding opportunities and grants, obtain government and private funding for projects, develop public support for projects and initiatives, build relationships and issue coalitions, and leverage third party relationships for business development. For its corporate clients outside of the education sector, it has helped advance STEM education philanthropy projects, education and mentoring partnerships with nonprofits, and other education initiatives of importance to the clients’ core businesses.


Moreover, the firm’s education clients benefit from Phase 2's expertise and relationships in other policy areas that impact schools and education groups, like healthcare and social services, mental health, government benefits and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), nutrition and wellness, mentoring and afterschool programs, the criminal justice system, infrastructure, local school boards, bond campaigns and school board elections, and nonprofit governance.


Our Service Include:

Congressional and Regulatory Advocacy and Lobbying

Government Grant and Funding Advice

State and Local Government Advocacy and Lobbying

Third Party Relationship Building

STEM Education Partnerships

Mentoring Initiatives

Social Services and Education Consulting

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