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Phase 2 Consulting is one of Washington, DC’s top strategic advisory firms. We provide government affairs, public policy advice and advocacy, public relations, community affairs, corporate social responsibility planning, education consulting, diversity and inclusion training, and other consulting services to our clients. For over a decade, we have represented Fortune 500 companies, large multinational corporations, small startups, public sector clients, nonprofits, civil rights organizations, trade associations, and unions.


We build bridges and relationships that take our clients from Wall Street, to Capitol Hill, and back through main streets across the country and around the globe. We listen to our clients, and we advocate directly on their behalf. Working outside the box, we also engineer indirect solutions, like building coalitions, forming alliances, and employing other innovative and proactive tactics to strengthen our clients’ positions. Our clients trust us to help them solve problems, navigate the legislative process and bureaucratic limitations, and gain competitive economic advantages. At Phase 2, we make the legislative and regulatory processes at the federal, state, and local level work for our clients.


Always grounded in our values and integrity, guided by our unique perspectives and diverse experiences, and rooted in our belief in opportunity and economic growth, we are fortunate to have built relationships over decades of experience that help our clients when they face times of crisis and as they shepherd their companies through ever-changing economic times.


Over the years, we have worked successfully for our clients with leaders from both sides of the political aisle, federal and state governments, local governments and school boards, grassroots and grasstops leaders, civil rights organizations and nonprofits, the media, corporate America, and community leaders. In particular, we have unparalleled relationships within the civil rights community – relationships that are as deep as they are wide, having been built over decades of service and leadership within community organizations.


Most importantly, we lead by example, prioritizing our own corporate social responsibility – having given millions of dollars and countless hours of our time since the firm’s founding to support nonprofit work – and sharing our own blueprint for success and civic engagement with our clients.



“Fearless and tireless – they get more done in a day than most people do in a month.”

- Molly Wilkinson, former bank client.

Advocates &


Architects of

Powerful Campaigns

Big Picture,

Strategic Thinkers

Civil Rights



Our exclusive team is dynamic and nimble, resiliently working behind the scenes and at the forefront of our industry to achieve our mission. We are fiercely devoted and unrelenting in adapting to changing political, social, and economic climates and forging partnerships to champion causes and effectuate change for our clients.


Cyd McKenna


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Our advisors are respected leaders in their areas of expertise, uniquely collaborating with our team to maximize ingenuity and innovation in our services and practice areas. Our clients benefit from their consulting and legal experience and support in government, public, and foreign affairs, strategic planning, alliance and coalition building, regulatory advice, external affairs consulting, academia, training, and outreach.

Ray Anderson, Jr.

Senior Advisor
Education & Government

and Public Affairs

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Martin L. King, III

Senior Advisor

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Dewardric L. McNeal

Senior Advisor, International Affairs
Managing Director and Senior Policy Analyst, Longview Global, LLC

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Hon. Michael A. Nutter

Senior Advisor

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Colette Vallot, Esq.

Senior Advisor
Managing Partner,
Entré Strategic Partners

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Derek Albert

Senior Advisor
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Our People
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