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Here's what Biden can do right now to get more Americans on the Internet

PRESIDENT BIDEN wasted no time on the day of his inauguration issuing an executive order that is as much a philosophy as it is a policy: “equity for all.” Today, there’s a glaring inequity in one crucial area that guarantees inequity in myriad others: Internet access.

Telemedicine, virtual schooling, job-hunting and more have all moved online during the pandemic, leaving behind the 77 million citizens without adequate home connections. Mr. Biden has signaled a desire to bring broadband to all; some version of the $20 billion aspiration laid out by his campaign looks likely to appear in the infrastructure plan coming from the White House next month. But this plan, which must address both availability and affordability if it is to succeed, will take time to fulfill, if it is fulfilled at all. Thankfully, there’s much this administration can do meanwhile.

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